View Full Version : "The Answer" in Japan

02-24-2012, 17:06
This weekend Frankie The Answer Edgar is fighting Ben Henderson. Edgar and I share the same home town. We go to the same church and as a boy o watched him wrestle in high school.Edgar win lose or draw this weekend will still be the pride and joy of Tom River New jersey. Anywhere you go when ever Frankie ia fighting its on tv from bars to churches. Their is no dough Frankie is tough man in the cage but out of the cage he is a kind loving man whom always gives back to his home town and we hold home in our minds and hearts. MMA has become a large growing sport but in Toms River MMA is becoming a past time. New mma gym are opening all the time and there business is booming. You can't go to a hog school wrestling math around here with out seeing a Frankie Edgar. Shirt or hat some where in the crowd. This weekend will be a real te
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-u__jYLsnJ0st, a young up and coming vs the pride of Toms River. Everyone in this town will be holding its breath and the bursting in to the street once Frankie 's hand is raised

The Boss
02-25-2012, 21:47
The fight with Bendo will be a tough one but Frankie can get it done. I'll be watching in about an hour when they go at it!

The Boss
02-26-2012, 11:31
Frankie got beat up bad. I dont want to hear about controversy either. Ben Henderson was fine the whole fight and Frankie was beat up the whole fight. Ben is a much bigger man making it look like it wasnt even a fair fight

02-27-2012, 12:26
I can't believe Edger got pushed around so easily. And this is the guy that beat up BJ Penn