03-12-2012, 17:30
Now this is your prototypical breakout star.A player who is considered mediocre at best and is just be completely being ignored by your competition..And I think its ludacrous ! As if you dont know the Detroit Tigers signed prize free agent Prince Fielder,in which many now think has bolstered a lineup that probably has the best 3-4 comcbo in baseball in Miggy,Prince..But what fantasy owners are completely missing out on is who is the guy batting 5th behind those 2 monsters ? Yup Mr Delmon Young..Now trust me,this kid can hit,thats not his problem.As a matter of fact in my opinion he may ba 1 of the best fastball hitters in MLB.His main problem tho is this guy will swing at everything and get himself out.So major league pitchers figure that out and just stopped throwing fastballs.Well that problem has just completely disappeared,cause chances are pitchers will dance around the best 3-4 combo in baseball and will have no choice or take the chance to not throw strikes to Delmon when hes up with runners on base..That means plenty of at bats with RISP which equates to, 100+ RBI season. And by the way ,people quickly forget how Young was a top notch prospect when called up with Tampa..Just 2 seasons ago if it wasnt for a horrid last month of the yr,Young was having a monster yr for the Twinkies..Sprinkle on top tjat he is in a contract season and there you have it , .290 25HR 45 doubles,100+RBI !!! Out of a guy who wont even come close to getting you into a bidding contest with your competitors..Now thats a real sleeper,somebody nobody is talking about or thinking about. Except for me,Baseball Jesus ofcourse..Well thats why u guys pay me the big bucks,ENJOY !