View Full Version : D'Antoni steps down

03-14-2012, 20:40
Mike D'Antoni resigned as coach of the Knicks this afternoon. Asst. Coach (and former Hawks Head Coach) Mike Woodson was named interim head coach. I think D'Antoni had to go. For him, running his system is more important than the players he has and it just wasn't working. This Knicks team is talented. Maybe they'll play better in a different offense. I think they'll make a run and make the playoffs. One thing's for sure. They'll play more defense under Woodson.

Do you think D'Antoni is to blame?

Do you think the Knicks will make the playoffs?

The Boss
03-15-2012, 11:26
No and Yes

it would have been very stupid to fire him, but if the guy is quitting it cant be helped. Dolan backed up his players, maybe they will perform 100% now to prove it was a coaching problem and not a player problem