View Full Version : There Doesn't Have to be Season-Round Interleague

03-16-2012, 01:20
The Houston Astros will be moving to the American League in 2013. Because there will now be fifteen teams in each league, it is believed that interleague games will be scheduled sporadically throughout the season, allowing all thirty teams to play each other. However, just because there are now fifteen teams in each league doesn't mean that interleague games have to be spo...[B]CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO READ THE ENTIRE STORY; It includes pictures that are too big to add to this post. http://iwontwearedsox.thoughts.com/posts/houston-astros-in-american-league-why-there-doesnt-have-to-be-season-round-interleague-play

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The Boss
03-16-2012, 20:44
I think everybody should play their rival 6 game total right around the All Star break. If you odont have a rival, find one. I cant think of any reason for them to have interleague every day of the year, or why houston moving would even be something to springboard that. Its stupid