View Full Version : Plenty of good seats still available at Citifield

03-20-2012, 21:47
The Mets still have plenty off good seats available for all 81 home games, including the three against the Yankees and Opening Day, as Met fans express how they feel about the state of the organization.

In the end everything comes down to the fans. If no one goes to the games, the team will not be able to generate revenue and ultimately action will need to be taken by ownership and the organization. Fans can scream, yell and voice their displeasure all they want, but not showing up to Citifield to support the team or more importantly the Wilpons, is the best way to get the point across that Met fans are no longer going to be fooled by false propaganda and empty promises. So far, the Met fans are making that point.

Citifield is going to be a ghost town for all of April and if the Mets get off to a bad start, will be empty for most of the season. I canít remember the last time I was able to pick virtually any seat I wanted for Opening Day, let only be able to purchase a ticket for the game in mid March. I remember having to stay up all night and drive to Shea Stadium at 5 in the morning in late January to wait on a long line so I could get any seat at all for Opening Day or having to buy a 6 or 7 game pack to go to the opener. Now you can have any seat you want and the Mets deserve that. The fans need to continue to voice their opinion in the most effective way possible, by not opening their wallets and by not showing up.

In the little Iíve watched of spring training so far this year, I have seen nothing that would make me think the Mets are anything more then a 70 win team. Seeing Jose Reyes, the most exciting position player to ever wear a Met uniform now wearing a Miami Marlin hat makes me sick to my stomach.

We live in New York, pay on average one of the highest ticket prices in the league and have to pay 19 dollars to park our car, yet the Mets are putting an inferior product on the field and are not even able to hold onto their own players. How much more can the Wilponís spit in the face of the Met fan? By the looks of it so far, not very much longer.

Robert Urio