View Full Version : Fantasy Advice, reach for Josh Hamilton !!!

03-22-2012, 13:33
I know what youre about to say and ask.What about his drinking ? What about his tendecy to become injury prone ? Dont get me wrong,they are all a bit concerning.But 1 thing I do know for certain is when Hamilton is on the field,he is an absolute BEAST ! But the key reasoning behind my reach for this guy this yr is he is in a contract year.Now we all know that when these guys see $$$ they have a tendecy to look spectacular but this is more than just a contract yr,Hamilton wants to stick it in Texas' face for not already signing him and letting it get to this point.Now i cant blame Texas but with
100s of million of dollars on the line Hamilton could be that guy that carries yout to a ring this yr.I see a .340 batting title this yr with 30+ bombs and 140 RBI..Yep u heard me.And with those numbers Josh will get paid in offsesaon and probably will be wearing pinstripes next season.Just hope the Rangers dont smarten up and sign him in the remaining of Spring Training because Josh already has made it clear that if they do not he will explore free agency.Yes, he is an injury risk but reach for Hamilton in your drafts this yr and if it all works out the way i think it may, u will own a roto machine ! AL MVP

The Boss
03-23-2012, 23:15
I might have to draft him before you get him