View Full Version : Mets Season Preview

03-31-2012, 15:29
Optimism reaks as the New York Mets gear up for the 2012-2013 campaign. Through all of the injuries and bad breaks the Meta have gone though this spring training From David Wright's back, Santana's progress and Ike Davis's Valley Fever scare. If you look through all if the problems with the Mets they have a decent power hitting lineup. From Davis and Duda's power to right field. And Wright and Bay's power left. And don't forget they brought the fences in at Citi Field.

Now on to the Pitching staff. It seems that things are looking bright for Johan Santana and it looks like a serious possibility that he could be on the mound for opening day. Neise, Dickey, Gee and Big Pelf can all be solid starters but the little things are what kill you. The walks, errors and hit batsmen all pile up to losses and questions. If the Mets can keep the errors to a low they could make some noise this season. But there's not guarantee, especially with the Mets.

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