View Full Version : Richard Neer Weeknight Snoozefest

04-03-2012, 10:01
I personally can't stand listening to Richard Neer at night. I know many agree with me. But apparently even some WFAN personell share the same opinion. If anybody follows overnight producer Russel Mafes on Twitter, he occasionaly posts subtle jabs at Neer and last night he went all out. He criticized Neer for not knowing anything about College Basketball or the Rangers last night. There are no ratings for the overnight and that is apparent since I can guarantee you they are not any good. Time to get some new blood in there WFAN. Neer has his place and audience on weekend mornings, but weeknights is not a good fit.

04-03-2012, 11:51
Neer has never really been the one to bring excitement to a show. For me however, there is something very comforting about Richard Neers shows. Almost like he read to me when I was a baby or something.

It's clear Neer has peeked at WFan. He's not going to get any better. Putting Gregg Sussman or someone else in there would certainly be a good idea.

The Boss
04-03-2012, 23:48
I didnt know he was doing the show from his home. Maybe he's trying to not wake the baby. He is pretty silent while doing the show.

04-04-2012, 03:30
Which makes it even more peculiar. Why would WFAN go through hoops to accomodate this bore when he's not even living anywhere near New York.

The Boss
04-05-2012, 22:56
No way WFan hooked him up with a home studio, it must be for another show he does, and WFan pays him a small amount per show or something. I'm guessing really. I don't know why he is on

04-07-2012, 20:26
I'm not going to sit and bash Richard Neer but he is boring without doubt. Theres no telling why he gets air time.

08-04-2013, 17:15
Another year goes by and Richard Neer hasn't changed a bit. Doubt you could tell much difference from the way he did his early WFAN shows 25 years ago.

You do paint rooms a new color every 10 years or less. Maybe get a new car? New styles of clothes. Mostly everything changes right? Variety is the spice of life! But Richard Neer thinks why change? How could this possibly sound old, boring, and dated? He knows the NY audience wants the same exact thing forever. This especially encourages new younger listeners. Dude, have some pride in your craft? How can you not be bored doing it? Doing the same thing nearly the same identical way for over twenty years. Show you have a pulse and care for your audience and you know what year it is. Fine in 1993. In 2013, not so much.

Again, this is entertainment. WFAN needs to realize this and make changes. You want to be nice and never let anyone go but things run their course. Especially in sports and sports entertainment. Is Tino Martinez still playing 1st for the Yankees? No, the time came for him to go. Same in sports talk. Sweeni Murti is a nice guy and does everything asked of him but, sorry to say, that doesn't mean he has a lifetime job. Time for new blood. Same with Neer and other hosts. Same with Sterling and Waldman. In fifteen years from now will we have an 81 year old Steve Somers getting Mets Hot Stove from a 79 year old Ed Coleman ten minutes after doing some Icelanders shtick?!

The Boss
08-04-2013, 22:41
You cant blame Neer for being himself. Blame WFan for still putting him on.