View Full Version : Met's management is Optimistic, The Fans are not

04-03-2012, 21:33
The Mets came into this offseason with many questions dating back to last season. Jose Reyes left for a better contract and quiet frankly a much better team, if we are looking forward to this season. The new acquisitions the Mets front office made this offseason attempted to address the many needs the Mets have. The additions of Ramon Ramirez, Jon Rauch, and Frank Francisco were the teamís attempts at solidifying the bullpen.

So far this spring training, it seems the new additions are not panning out as expected. The best ERA posted by those three is 5.25 posted by Ramirez. In all three cases, opponents are batting over .300 against all three pitchers. These stats are not exactly what fans expected by these new additions, but spring stats have proven to mean nothing in some cases.

While the new look bullpen has often been hammered this spring training, there have been many bright spots. Bobby Parnell has pitched really well this spring and Terry Collins recently stated he is looking to extend the relievers inning. However, the rumor regarding Parnell being used as a possible spot-starter, was laid to rest by Collins. Parnell has posted a .167 batting average-against, while pitching 12.1 shutout innings of baseball this spring. The other bright spot is more of a look into the future. Josh Edgin has pitched tremendously, only allowing 4 hits in 10.1 scoreless innings pitched.

Aside from the multiple question marks in the bullpen, the offense has been producing this spring, but there are some players that still need improvement. Jason Bay is underachieving in almost every aspect of the game. He was a player that was highly coveted coming to this organization and since has fallen off the map. Jason Bay is having an atrocious spring training, batting .200 while striking out 15 times in only 45 at-bats. Bay looks out of it at the plate and everyone would like to see a little more emotion out of a guy struggling that bad. He has to turn it around and show the New York fans he truly cares, or he could be booed right out of the starting lineup.

In terms of lack of production, it isnít all under his control. Andres Torres has been injury prone this spring and that needs to change. Torres, when healthy, solidifies the lead-off spot and with this youthful lineup, that lead-off spot is going to be key.

This Mets team is very young, but at the same time has tremendous upside and potential. Lucas Duda and Ike Davis are up-and-coming solid players and can produce at the plate as we have seen. This Mets team has the possibility to exceed the expectations fans have placed on them. Is this a playoff team, no. This team however does possess a core that if kept healthy and in place can improve over the course of this year and be a team that could make a run next year.

This isnít exactly what the fans want right now, but in many cases teams do have to rebuild and to be honest, this isnít the worst start to the rebuilding process.

The Boss
04-05-2012, 22:54
Met fans are pumped up after a win. I listened to Francesa take calls all day from fans all hurt that he didnt give them enough credit. Fans change their minds every day on these things.