View Full Version : Wake up, Knicks!

04-05-2012, 13:39
The game was going so smoothly for the Knicks against the Pacers on Tuesday night. Melo was scoring baskets out of his mind, he finished with 39. The defense stepped up and gave the Knicks a 15 point lead heading into the last quarter. It seemed like another W for the Knicks but then it happened. Everything that could have gone wrong did and it resulted in the Knicks losing to the Pacers Tuesday night. If the Knicks want to be considered one of the top teams in the east with Miami and the Bulls they need to close out games better. If the Knicks want to move up in the Eastern Conference standings they need to step up and finish their games better.
The Knicks of course can redeem themselves tonight as they play the drama filled Orlando Magic. The last time the Knicks played the Magic they blew them out of the building and won by 40 points. Hopefully responding to their tuff loss in Indiana the Knicks will respond with at W tonight in Orlando.

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04-29-2012, 13:09
And the Knicks most likely lost the chance to play the Bulls that day. They could possibly have been playing a Rose-less Bulls team right now. The proverbial "what if" buts things could have been different for them.