View Full Version : A-Rods 2012 HR's

The Boss
04-14-2012, 00:18
I have decided to track A-Rods home runs, just so in the off chance he hits a lot of them, we will easily see how meaningless most of them are.

If it were possible to track all his AB's I would, but I am not sitting on a computer every time the Yankees play.

If I was tracking them, we would see how many times already in this season he could have come up big, but failed. So we stick with only tracking HR's

1) 4/14 - Angels - solo HR - Yankees win 5-0

2) 4/20 - At Boston - Solo HR - Yankees win 6-2 (up 5-1 in 5th inning)

3) 4/23 - At Texas - 3 Run HR - Yankees win 7-4

The Boss
04-24-2012, 00:15
First meaningful HR of the season for A-Rod today.