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05-12-2012, 17:58
Tonight you have the huge Game 7 between the Rangers and Capitals. Steve Somers who talks hockey more than most on the station is on from 5-9. So he is on during the game. When the game is over, who is going to be on the FAN to talk about this huge game? Tony Paige. Tony Paige couldn't tell the difference between a hockey puck and a beach ball. Wouldn't it make much more sense to save Somers for the shift tonight after the game? Sometimes I think the FAN is on autopilot when it comes to scheduling decisions. Then again with no real competititon from ESPN I guess they can afford to.

05-12-2012, 20:48
Your totally right about Tony Paige. He only knows about boxing.
But i disagree with you about Steve Somers. Somers knows nothing about sports.
Somers is unlistenable.
WFAN should get rid of Paige and Somers.
John Jastremski should replace Somers for the evening to night shift. Jastremski is one of the best sports hosts out there.
I would also like Lori Rubinson replace Paige. Lori is tremendous when it comes to knowledge about all sports.
Greg Sussman is also good. But please WFAN get rid of Paige and Somers. There horrible to listen to.

05-12-2012, 21:27
Somers isn't very knowledgeable, but he is entertaining and has a loveable quality to him. You're entitled to your opinion on him but I think your in the minority on that one. But my point is that Somers is synonymous with Rangers hockey when it comes to FAN talk. He should be on right now. Not Tony Paige.

05-12-2012, 21:39
Great call on this. Te idea that Steve Somers had to be on air while that game was being played is stupid. I would guess he talked hockey, and any Ranger fan would be watching or listening to the game, not him. Now the fans on the way home want to listen to Ranger talk and Somers is the man they want to hear.

The Boss
05-13-2012, 10:23
Thats the perfect example of bad scheduling. Somers is I think, the biggest Rag fan on the station. Maybe the decided on it this way for a reason? Who knows

05-13-2012, 11:47
They decided on this because that's the normal routine. They weren't thinking about as to what would make most sense. Then again if they ever paid attention to what makes sense, you wouldn't have Richard Neer on weeknights.

05-13-2012, 14:06
That's what I complained about a couple of weeks back. You can't have a big Saturday night of playoff basketball and hockey and start off your sports talk day with Bob salter and then talking baseball. You know the schedule and that these big games are coming so move things around a bit. Be dynamic and able to adjust to get the right people on at the right times esp. during big games during the playoffs.

They are on autopilot. The only thing they have changed recently is Mike'd Up to Mike's On because they were forced to do so and it was only one word. Imus would still be there if wasn't fired. Sid too if he didn't get in trouble. What changes have they actually put forth that weren't forced due to some external reason.

To be honest, Don La Greca is the best to talk rangers, so ESPN has the FAN beat when it comes to Ranger hockey. Nobody can say WFAN was the place to be radio-wise after the Ranger game. Another guy WFAN shouldn't have let go.

Of course, WFAN is Devils now and no longer Rangers so they probably wouldn't go out of their way do anything Ranger related in the first place. Neither station is totally unbiased and will lean a bit more toward there own property and away from competitors. That is the shame in all of this. Competition should make for better sports talk radio but it hasn't. It would be better if there was only one station in town.