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05-18-2012, 01:53
Whether you like hockey or not, it's indisputable right now that the Rangers-Devils Eastern Conference Finals series is the big topic going on right now in New York. So tonight for the 11pm-2am shift they bring in Kim Jones to host the show. Now this spot usually goes to Richard Neer and usually anything besides Richard Neer would suit me fine, but this just didn't make sense.

In Kim's monologue she says "We will take your calls on anything, but if you call about hockey I will probably just agree with you and thank you for your call" Throughout the show she's admitting she knows nothing about hockey and is in a way demeaning it.

If it's the middle of January and we are in the middle of the NFL playoffs, or we are in the middle of the Penn State scandal, put Kim Jones on. When it's the middle of May and the Rangers and Devils are playing in the Eastern Conference Finals, don't put on somebody who doesn't have a clue about hockey.

The FAN has Chris Moore on it's fill in-roster. A guy who has worked in the National Hockey League and knows hockey far better than anybody on the station. Where the hell is he tonight? Now he might not have been able to do the shift tonight, that's a possibility. But knowing the FAN, I doubt he was ever asked because they never make scheduling decisions that make sense.

And not that Gregg Sussman is a hockey expert because he's not, but God for bid he would ever get a shot at a real time slot.

The Boss
05-18-2012, 11:47
Im starting to think that even during these Hockey days, baseball or NFL talk will still draw higher ratings. You wouldnt think so, but the TV ratings suggest it too. How are the NY vs NJ games not on NBC? Probably because NBC's regular line-up out scores it.

05-18-2012, 12:41
Hockey is still getting much of the attention. People were still calling her to talk about hockey. She even said half heartedly all anybody wants to talk about is hockey, then said that's ok. She had to bring in producer Brian Monzo in for a segment to help her out with the hockey. Hockey is more popular than people let on. Sure it's still the #4 sport, but if there were more hosts on the station that would actually talk about it on a regular basis, there are plenty of people out there who would be interested or call in about it.

The Boss
05-19-2012, 02:41
A few weeks ago the told the rating. Ranger, Knicks in playoffs, yankees and Mets all played same time. Yankees did a 7, Knicks did a 6 maybe, Rangers did a 3. I think WFan just figures to not even plan for any hockey talk

05-19-2012, 11:57
That was a few weeks ago. Now its the Eastern Conference Finals with two local teams involved.

05-19-2012, 13:22
A few weeks ago the told the rating. Ranger, Knicks in playoffs, yankees and Mets all played same time. Yankees did a 7, Knicks did a 6 maybe, Rangers did a 3. I think WFan just figures to not even plan for any hockey talk

Hey, we do have Sommers on at 5:00 today after the game. But all you need to know is that the playoff hockey conflicts with the Mets game and the hockey is the one that gets the boot to another station. So, you are pretty much shown all you need to know there.

08-26-2013, 16:29
Well, I'll bump this thread here as well even if I double post. Seems the right thread since it involves scheduling.

Why do they schedule or move Joe and Evan to cover Mike's slot? Especially now when you have more possible CBS sports radio assets?

I figured Mike was off again but didn't know till 1:00. Then these two are on again. They start with the usual singing the Mike's on theme which they can stop doing since it isn't anywhere as amusing as they think esp. after the first few times they did it. Why even run that theme. Mike's not on is he? So don't play the song. Then they go into their riveting opening where they talk about their on air schedule for three minutes. Wow, you are on mornings one day, mids another, and Mike's slot three more. What do they want a medal? So nice to hear how you get to leave right after 10AM on Friday and have a longer weekend.

Anyhow, with the new station up and running here(just not on FM yet), why not use some the the talent you have available. Jody does a Sunday show there at 3-6PM then jumps on the FAN at 6PM. Why not pop Brandon Tierney in or someone else from the CBS family. Make use of what you have available and do better than Joe and Evan since you are not really locked in to them. Then we don't have to hear that singing or Joe complaining about covering Mike's slot anymore!

The Boss
08-26-2013, 23:03
I'm sure it has to be "Mikes On" for advertising reasons. I've caught Jody mac a few times recently, and I cant say I am hanging on every word. I think they have lost their best on air talent for the most part - Continent, Adam the Bull, and Kim Jones are all folks i want to hear more then I want to hear Jody, Moose, T Paige and Richard Neer. Boomer and Carton are obvisouly already in their drive time slot so who else but Joe and Even can they move to cover Mike? Jody mac got canned from his Mid day slot so that tells me Joe and Even have a bigger fan base.

08-27-2013, 16:09
Not naming Jody specifically to fill in. Just an example though about Jody being able to be both networks on the same day. If Jody can do six hours in a row on Sunday and split it 3 hours on each network then they are capable of putting someone else on WFAN from the other network or even elsewhere amongst there family of sports stations. They have a good network up and they are supposed to be introducing us to the other network anyway. Though they sample the other network only through the sports minute things right now.

Czaban can do a morning show nationally on Yahoo SR and then do the local ESPN 980 drive time 4-7PM show each weekday. Lame Ryan Ruocco can sub in for Greenberg in the national Mike and Mike in the AM and do the 98.7 local show at 1PM(not that I would listen to him and Steven A. Fake Smith). They are more capable but they don't take advantage. It is 2013 but they are behind on what they could be doing. You have all the tech of today and a national sports radio syndicate to draw from.

Yeah I know about keeping "Mike's On" in but still in reality it shouldn't be. Actually as an advertiser I wouldn't care one bit. I would only want to know if Mike is actually on or not cause I'm not paying the same rate if Mike is on vacation. I'm paying less cause they don't get the same ratings as Mike and I as the advertiser should only pay the Joe and Evan rate. If they tried to convince me that it is just the time slot or that the theme song makes it the same and I should pay the normal spot rate as if Mike was there I would tell them to take a hike. Just like YES who aren't putting Joe and Evan on TV; if Mike's not there there is no YES TV telecast. In the common sense world the reasons they keep it in are kinda lame.

The Boss
08-29-2013, 22:52
I just saw the name Chris Moore in the first post, thats a guy I thought was good when I heard him on but I dont know if he's even filled in in over a year. And I thought that Damon Amendola guy from Boston was good, if thats his name. I dont listen to any of these guys on other stations so I dont know if id even want them on the Fan

08-30-2013, 17:27
Damon Amendolara is on CBS Sports Radio 2-6AM weekdays. When the other network finally comes on line here in NY that is. Though I do believe that it is already on in NY on HD radio CBS 101.1 HD3; WFAN is 92.3 HD3. Bull also has a show on Saturday. Jody Mac on Sunday. That is what the schedule says anyhow.

I could really record Bull's show then load it on a player for Sunday morning since there isn't anything on then.

The Boss
08-30-2013, 23:47
Bull talks Indians and Browns all day I assume. And Ohio St. I mean I couldnt listen to anybody talk about that crap. I listened to him the first few shows back 2 years ago. Poor guy.

08-31-2013, 08:14
His Saturday show is not local and not even on in Cleveland, IIRC. Just Bull not Bull and the Fox :)

I too am not interested in listening in Cleveland sports talk and only listened to Bull and Fox a few times.

I will see about it tonight. The thing is though, Labor day weekend may just mean he won't be in.