View Full Version : Can Tiger win another Major?

06-25-2012, 19:10
The big talk around golf these days is about Tiger Woods and debating wether or not he is "back" or not. After his victory in the Memorial Championship in Jack Nicklas' course which was Tiger's 73rd victory tying him with Nicklas. I believe Tiger Woods won't be officially back until he wins his next major. He had the lead after two rounds at the U.S. Open just to see him blow it all away on Saturday and Sunday. Tiger is not focused on winning 18 majors to tie Jack's record. Tiger has nerves about winning just another major, just 1. He showed he was nervous at the Open finishes 9 over on the weekend. The struggle for Tiger now is just to win 1 major, not 18. After the U.S. Open Tiger was claiming that is was a positive week for him, claiming that he was happy with his ball striking but the constant thorn in Tiger's side has been his putting. He is very inconsistent on the green and needs to improve to have a shot at winning another Major. The next upcoming major for Tiger is the British Open, July 19-22. It will be a tough test for every golfer because of the usual conditions. (Wind/Rain) You have to be perfect to win this Major, and get a little bit of luck. Tiger has the tools to do it but he has to get past the mental barrier of questioning himself and his shots. Just go out there and play. I hope Tiger wins another one because it's good for the game of Golf and who wouldn't want to see him win another one anyway? If he does win one, I think he would do it at Augusta. He knows the course well and he's done it before.

Let me know what you think about the article, and what is your opinion on Tiger?