View Full Version : Im looking for a GM to run this site.

The Boss
08-01-2012, 22:40
I should have done this in April, but better late then never.

Bottom line is I have no time to contribute to this site, so i am looking for a big WFan fan to run the message board. You will need to be an avid listener of WFan. Outside of some basic guidelines, you will be able to build the site in anyway you want. The GM will have to delete Spam, and will be given moderator status.

If you are interested, join, start opening topics. Loading videos of Boomer and cartons show and Mike's On from MSG.com and yesnetwork.com are perfect examples of what should be done in the WFan forum on a regular basis. The site ranks high in several WFan keywords so traffic should be easy to double with some writing and some twitter help. The job comes with a WFan fan site account with about 3k followers, no pay, and is not officially connected to WFan.

Thank You.