View Full Version : What's with the 15 minute Steve Somers shows before games?

The Boss
12-05-2010, 11:52
This has been bothering me for years and it's still going on. After Mike goes off the air they will have The Scmooze com on from like, 6:30 - 6:45 or 6:20 - 7... Whats the point! I know Mike staying later until the game starts isnt going to happen but is there not a better solution then Steve coming in for 10 minutes befire turning it over to the pre-game? Just doesnt seem right to me

Jersey John
12-05-2010, 21:06
I think they might just have him work from 6:20 till midnight I think it is, and if there happens to be a game in the middle of it then he sits there and waits for it to end. I have heard him be there during Met rainouts so maybe they have a host standing by during live events incase something causes the game to halt.

12-07-2010, 23:22
Yes and it doesnt make it any better that hes jerked around for the Nets and Devils!

12-08-2010, 17:40
lol he always bothering you

The Boss
12-21-2010, 17:44
Its good to hear him on for an hour tongiht.. Always good to hear Captain 6:45 whenever he's on for more then a minute.

12-23-2010, 12:14
Steve Somers is solid. He shouldn't get jerked around. Maybe give him a mid-day or drive time show.

12-23-2010, 13:29
basically, he's the station's bitch - and he does exactly as they say. Those gripping 12 minute spots he does in between scheduled events are must-miss radio.

12-23-2010, 22:10
Well they do treat him that way it seems. From the outside looking in and not knowing the particulars it does look like he gets treated bad and I just hope thats not so. Schmoozie seems like a solid guy