View Full Version : Jets vs Pats Monday Night

The Boss
12-06-2010, 20:59
Well I was expecting the Jets to be fired up for this game but everything is going wrong. hey look flat, bad defense, bad passes, penelties.... It is not over, maybe they can turn it around, but I think a lot of Jet fans are going to be turning off the TV by halftime!

The Boss
12-06-2010, 21:01
Field position is awful on every series! Missed field goals, bad punts, what else can they do poorly tonight!??

Jersey John
12-06-2010, 21:15
Wow, the Jets look like crap

Jersey John
12-06-2010, 21:38

12-06-2010, 21:42
Nice pick at the goal line. This game will end soon but what are they going to do with Folk? We cant just not have a kicker an expect to go deep in the playoffs and win close games anymore. Of course it doesnt matter if you get wiped out like this game.

The Boss
12-06-2010, 21:59
June, thats a major concern, but cant you focus on getting back in this game before looking ahead? Only down by 35 with plenty of time left

Jersey John
12-07-2010, 11:06
At least the Jets ar saying the right things. Not that there is much opportunity to spin that disaster, but heres Cotchery with Joe and Evan:

12-07-2010, 16:40
Pats confirmed that their best days are behind them. As a Patriots fan, early in the game there was hope that the Pats of old were back. Tom Brady and no defensive backs confirmed that this could be a long season. Sideline CBS camera shots showed the difference between Sanchez and Brady. Sanchez like Brady USED to do was a sideline cheerleader for his team while Brady like last year sat on the bench brooding when things did not go his way. He used to be a team leader, now he is the most overpaid player in the NFL. A great player who lost his mojo in Hollywood.

Jersey John
12-07-2010, 17:25
What in the hell are you talking about? week 2?

12-07-2010, 22:41
week 2 the Pats were rusty and slowly starting to warm up, 2nd half of season Pats, always get hot,same with chargers

The Boss
12-07-2010, 23:06
Who says women know nothing about football? I was thinking Brady was the most overpaid player in football who lost his mojo in hollywood while watching that 4th touchdown