View Full Version : Who's the Greatest QB ever?

The Boss
12-10-2010, 14:58
I guess it's about time we got right into this. Ill start by saying I never saw the old timers play, and I have been watching since the mid 80's, but with that said I want to make my case for John Elway.

First off you have to notice what he did with pretty bad teams. He played with decent recievers throughout his carrear, and didnt have a real solid back until Davis showed up. Bobby Humphrey was alright for a year or two I guess. He had a few solid defenses behind him once in awhile but nothing dominate, but still he carried 3 teams to the SuperBowl that got crushed, but the fact is he got them there. Elway could keep plays alive with his scrambling ability better then any other all time great, plus I watched him pooch punt and pin a team down on 4th down many times.

If you look at Montana you see basically an entire supporting staff of HOFers. Marino never won. brady has won with overly dominate teams and great defenses. Manning is always protected and has only one ring and two appearances.

Just some food for thought here, but It I get to draft a QB knowing their skill set for their carrear, Im taking Elway.

12-10-2010, 17:20
I have to agree with you, I'm with you on Elway for sure. Entertaining to watch such a great athlete.

Jimmy from Brooklyn
12-12-2010, 00:56
Ken O'brien!!

12-12-2010, 13:19
Elway or Montana easily

Jimmy from Brooklyn
12-12-2010, 17:51
Using your logic Jim Kelly should be number 2 Boss!

Jersey John
12-18-2010, 21:49
Exactly who are all of Marinos HOFers?

12-18-2010, 22:34
I've never seen a better QB then Kurt Warner when he was healthy. He could hit his recievers 25 yards down field, IN STRIDE. I've seen Montana, Young, Marino, Aikman, Thiesman, Staubach, Elway and many that I've already forgotten. But that superbowl year (99,00?) with the Rams was just the best QB year I've ever seen. It was a perfect storm, but it was magical.

(Now go ahead and flame me)

12-19-2010, 13:03
I have to agree with west on this one. I almost forgot about Kurt Warner. I used to love watching him when he was in his heyday.

The Boss
07-25-2011, 11:38
Warner had some good years, but he also had great receivers, and RB. Played on Turf with a great offensive coach. He didnt have very many All time great type years either.

07-25-2011, 11:58
I never pick in who is the greatest because of so many outside variables that go into how they played so you'll never get an accurate picture. If Elway was playing today with the rules that are in place today, I doubt he would have been sacked at all. Elway was big and strong and not having to worry about getting hit in the head or people going for his knees he would have brushed off defenders like the were flies.