View Full Version : Fedor Emelianenko vs Hong Man Choi

The Boss
12-11-2010, 21:09
I went in looking for some good Bob Sapp footage to post, but this video couldnt be passed up. Hong Man Choi was more of a novelty than an elite fighter, but you still see how good Fedor is.. he just hangs in until there is an opening. Enjoy


12-11-2010, 22:30
Good God is Hong like 8 feet tall or what? And you notice that hong tapped about 1 second after Fedor got his right hand pinned to his chest..very quick execution by Fedor

The Boss
12-15-2010, 16:49
I think he's 7' 6 or so. Biiig guy but not the most graceful

12-20-2010, 17:34
That is just some incredible footage.. Hong seems like the kind of guy that dies of some rare heart disease as a result of being a monster