View Full Version : What was up with the Jets employee tripping the Miami player?

12-13-2010, 09:39
I saw the clip on Sportscenter and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Why did he feel the need to trip a player? I don't understand the logic behind that move.

The Boss
12-13-2010, 18:27
Yea I dont think anybody can defend that move. He probably wasnt expecting the player to get knocked over like that, but still its a stupid move and he should be fired and fined

12-15-2010, 17:48
He's now suspended without pay pending investigation after finding out he had the players line up together to give less space for the Miami players to run... then obviously he kneed the palyer which was just insane. He should be fired

12-15-2010, 18:23
He should be fired. That player could have been seriously injured by that move.

12-16-2010, 19:48
fire him asap

12-16-2010, 21:35
I think Jet fans are just hoping this Sal character acted alone... Lord help us if Rex Ryan winds up getting in any deeper then he already has

12-16-2010, 22:26
Yes Junior they seem to be suggesting that Rex Ryan would have had to know about this beforehand. Boomer and Carton and even Joe Binigno was saying that today. Hope its not true

12-17-2010, 15:38
I bet it hurt his knee too lol