View Full Version : I hate to bring it up, but the Knicks are....Good

12-15-2010, 17:50
Big game against the Celtics tonight, nobody expects them to win or compete all year long at this level, but they are surprising and it's good to see attention on the Garden again!

12-15-2010, 18:27
You know I had those exact same thoughts about the Hawks this season. This makes me think it is the 90s because the Falcons are doing well and the Hawks are doing pretty well.

The Boss
12-15-2010, 21:25
Ohhhh BA you jinxed them! What a clutch shot at the end, but a fraction of a second late!

12-17-2010, 15:47
I want to see them play the west

12-17-2010, 16:05
They lost to a great team but only by a 1/10th of a second. Another big game against the Heat this time. It would be nice to shut down LeBron tonight!

12-17-2010, 16:12
i hate lebron haha go knicks

12-17-2010, 19:27
Knickerbockers hanging tough! Hey Boss, is this Danilo Gallinari's breakout game on national tv? Hope he drops 40 on 'bron!

12-17-2010, 20:23
damn, I jinxed it!

The Boss
12-20-2010, 15:34
The Celtic game you can take, the Miami game was worse but doesnt take away from where they are at... the Cleveland game was bad, but this team isnt supossed to win them all anyway

12-22-2010, 20:35
Good to see the Kmicks handling business against Oak City.. 99-82 with somewhere around 8 minutes left.. A nice clear cut victory will hopefully get a little swag back