View Full Version : WFan streaming App for IPhone, finally

The Boss
12-16-2010, 22:20
Up until recently the radio.com app did not work for the Iphone, and the website wouldnt work on the phone because the site is flash based. Anyway I heard Boomer doing a spot recently for the new App for the IPhone, and yes it works. I personally find this very handy. And it's not just WFan, theres probably hundreds of diffents stations avaiable...get it at the Itunes app store for free!

12-17-2010, 15:34
Sounds handy!

12-17-2010, 15:54
I thought the one they had forever now was for the IPhone?

Jimmy from Brooklyn
12-17-2010, 20:39
I am using IPhone 4, radio player cOmpatible or not?

Jersey John
12-18-2010, 21:28
Wht type of a scenario would have you listen to the Fan on your phone instead of a radio or through the internet?

The Boss
12-18-2010, 22:16
Jimmy, yes. It works great. John, unless you are walking around with a walkman I dont know how else you can listen to the station on a portable device

12-21-2010, 13:38
Did you actually say a Walkman? You are definitely showing your age. I won't tell anyone! LOL All jokes aside, that does look like a handy little app to have.