View Full Version : 12/26/10 Jets @ Chicago - Predictions?

12-22-2010, 10:33
Jet's still on the cold road coming off the nice victory in Pittsburgh now visit Soldier Field. The Bears coming off a Monday night blowout have one day less to rest, but don't have to travel.

I'm taking the Jets in another close defensive game. Jets 20-16

The Boss
12-22-2010, 11:34
Chicago wrapped up the division so they may lay low a bit. There really no way to tell what will happen, but a week after having no faith in the Jets I now think they are going to roll again.. I say Jets win 31 - 21

12-26-2010, 17:02
Well Sanchez' pick was the end of this one. He had an OK game, but just couldn't pull it out. That last pick Mark totally telegraphed the pass. Horrible. But I guess he needed to make something happen and forced it when the deep help was coming.

Jimmy from Brooklyn
12-26-2010, 20:32
The defender had a nice break on the ball, that would have been a beautiful TD pass to win it! It was right there! Heartbreaking

12-27-2010, 13:03
I watched the replay of this INT a few times and it did seem as though Sanchez tries to look off the safety, he gave a pump fake to the right. Either the other receivers were covered or not a threat, maybe not deep enough, so that safety could just key on the left deep threat. I've made my peace with this INT. Mark was trying to zip it in and make a play. Defender made the play, give him credit.