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The Boss
12-29-2010, 21:21
Besides the long time great hosts on FAN, I think Adam the Bull is the one I most want to hear on, but its hard to catch up with him... He is on 2-6 tonight/tomorrow morning, which seems like a big waste to me. The guy has a solid show, and handles callers well, and knows his stuff. I'd love to hear him more in mid-days or a similar slot during these holiday and summer vacation times.

12-29-2010, 21:34
Him and Cont are the two I wish were on daily, but Kim Jones and Cont were great as a team so, I dont know, maybe we can get them in a 3 way of some sort. But yea, it would be great if the Bull had a good slot to call home

12-29-2010, 21:57
Carlins not even on the station anymore is he? The deal with the Fan is, all the shows they have are good already, so theres no place I see him being able to move in, but on a night like tonight, he should be onafter the game instead of waiting until 2 when nobody can listen. Actually with Boome and Carton on vacay Bull could fill in there with Kim Jones instead of Moose

Jimmy from Brooklyn
12-29-2010, 22:35
They got Tony Paige in there usually, I would much rather have Bull in there every night, but I liked him on Christmas Eve in Mikes slot!

Jimmy from Brooklyn
12-30-2010, 18:51
Adam not letting the Eli apologists get away with the tipped ball interception excuses- Nice work Bull!

The Boss
12-30-2010, 23:07
Yea who was it Theisman that was being interviewed? Like Adam said, you can say the same for everybody else when they throw x amount of picks

The Boss
01-25-2011, 21:50
The Bull on until 2am tongiht, good to catch him, I think he was on from 2-6 last night/ this morning.

Jimmy from Brooklyn
01-26-2011, 00:46
He's been on since 10? The radio player said Richard neer now it says Tony Paige. I got the last 15 to look forward too at least!

02-15-2011, 21:34
Adam the Bull has lost it Russo style.... ARE YOU KIDDING ME! HE STINKS! Ollie Perez kinda set him off tonight. Hope he doesnt loose the voice in tonight show!

Jimmy from Brooklyn
02-15-2011, 23:01
Adams losing his mind right in front of our ears

02-20-2011, 21:14
This guy should take over for that HACK malusis, and tony paige.

03-14-2011, 07:21
I think Adam is a Great host. I base my judgment on how fast the 4 hour block goes by and he is very entertaining and the 4 hours seem to fly by. He lets the intelligent caller have a few seconds longer or allows them to make a few points and with the moronic post he lets them talk just long enough to let the listeners know the callers an idiot

03-14-2011, 15:40
Must find a way to get WFAN to give Bull a regular slot. It's a waste having him on late night a few nights a week. In some cases he misses the big story like the St. Johns/Rutgers fiasco

The Boss
03-16-2011, 10:15
No doubt Bull needs a regular slot. WFan is jammed up in mst places right now but there has to be a weekend position on a regular basis. Thye have so many damn games on though, which I hate. Id rather have hosts hosting on WFan then games played

03-21-2011, 01:47
This guy should take over for that HACK malusis, and tony paige.

Yeah Paige is a clown. Bull should take his spot.

03-21-2011, 10:55
I love Tony, but there are a lot of others that should be gone like Anita...She is just horrible and Lori Rubinstein is nothing to write home about either. WFAN can easily get Bull 20-25 hours a week. Right now he barely gets 10

Jimmy from Brooklyn
03-21-2011, 14:50
I'd be for Bull getting the full overnight slot. I don't hate Tony Paige or anything, but Adam the Bull is the man that needs that slot.