View Full Version : RIP George Steinbrenner

The Boss
07-13-2010, 09:37
The story from WFAN: http://blogs.wfan.com/george-steinbrenner-dies-at-80/

What a sad day. There will never be another owner like him, nobody has ever done what it takes more then him to put a winning team on the field. A great buisnessman who loved his team and players. Prayers to his family. RIP Boss.

07-13-2010, 12:12
This is a very sad day. He was the best owner the Yankees could of asked for. The ball club wont be the same with out him. He will be missed. RIP George Steinbrenner.

Jersey John
07-13-2010, 13:01
This is so shocking! I guess we should have expected it but it's still hard to believe. At least we know he lived a full life and went out as a champion which suits him. We'll miss you Boss! RIP

12-22-2010, 15:48
Wow how did I miss this? RIP George.. Hope youre not too unhappy with the Jeter contract!