View Full Version : A-Rod's 600th...what does it mean?

07-23-2010, 04:03
I have a hard time understanding the signifigance of of A-Rod hitting his 600th HR coming up anyday now...
With all the breaking of records in the last 12 years and steriods, I dont really think A-Rod's 600th is really that big of a deal. We know without a doubt of his drug use so it's not like you can say "we don't know for sure" The 500 and 600 Hr clubs are pretty watered down compared to 20 years ago, so It's hard to have that feeling of seeing something great when these things happen. How you guys feel about this?

Jimmy from Brooklyn
07-24-2010, 23:10
I think the Yankees are making a pretty big deal and the fans are packing the place hoping to see it. With a legendary player like that I can see wanting to be able to say you were in the park, but it clearly is tainted by drugs, expansion etc. I like Steve Somers idea of the steriod wing being added to the H.O.F and this ball should be sent straight to that area

Jersey John
07-25-2010, 12:06
A-Rods slowing down without the HGH and there is no way he will pllay long enough to break the all time record if he plans on hitting 30hr a year from now on