View Full Version : Tebow's Revenge?

08-30-2013, 16:35
So, Tebow is still around. One more cut from 65 to 53. We'll see if he makes it by tomorrow night. Who thinks that coach Bill might just decide to use him down on the goal line against the Jets? Not totally gonna put it past him to want to show up the Jets if the stars align right in a Jets-Pats game situation. I'm sure he would love Tebow to score a TD against the Jets that puts a game out of reach. Even if that is the only TD he scores it would be one more than he scored with the Jets. So, he'll get more out of Tebow than the Jets did, a victory for him(if only in his own mind), and a little payback for Timmy(even if Tim isn't interested in such things).

The Boss
08-30-2013, 23:52
I like the Jets, but I am still on the Tebow Bandwagon. Until I see him have a season that he plays in and doesnt lead a winning team, I have to have confidence in him. And he most certainly will embarrass the Jets without question.