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The Boss
09-10-2013, 16:27
I do not believe there is anything actual official on the subject yet, so details will follow, but it is widely reported that WFan is dropping the Mets games, and will start carrying the Yankees starting next season.

So, since we all but assured that WFan is dropping the Mets next season, I have to wonder if it is certain the Mets would be likely to go to ESPN radio, or maybe a station like 880 which gets listened to by me daily before Yankee games just when i need to catch on on news. I do think there are a lot of listeners that would otherwise not ever tune into a news station if not for their sports team being on it.

This seems like something that would be finalized soon, but it may take months of negotiation for all I know. As a Yankee fan, it doesn't matter to me. But I can't imagine the Mets are in a strong position to strong-arm anybody, being the outlook for their team being so lousy for the upcoming years. Another reason the Harvey injury is devastating to the team.

09-11-2013, 14:49
CBS probably won't outbid ESPN. ESPN is supposed to want baseball. A surprise if CBS Radio would get both teams. 1050 ESPN AM, already carries the Mets games in Spanish so it seemed that they were aligning themselves with the Mets.

Now, if they would only clean house. Nothing against them personally but time for Sterling and Suzyn to go. No more blown calls, corny home run names, and theatrical references. Today, listening to Tommy John on in the morning talking about broadcasting baseball and how it lends itself to story telling. Then you think back to what you hear on the current broadcasts. Ugh! Them making fun of Suzyn about how she really doesn't have much to offer other than repeating things she gets from people she talks to(and not crediting that she got it from them). Tired of people making fun of them but even more tired of the inferior broadcast itself which isn't really Yankee worthy anymore IMO.

The Boss
09-11-2013, 22:51
Well Francesa has been saying for the last few days that the teams pretty much pick who does their games. Even if not technically. I love Uncle John and Aunt Suzyn. In fact, I immediately thought it would increase the amount of time Sterling will spend on WFan now - Im not sure if he's done it in recent years, but I have heard him do a few shows around Christmas time - always talking about how he cant understand the board and picking the wrong callers and what not - golden radio and hopefully he will be on during the off season.

09-12-2013, 17:10
Maybe, maybe not. You can't believe Mike. No way he is going to admit(or be allowed to admit) that they didn't want the Mets anymore. 100% they will pass the buck. No way they are gonna touch, with a ten foot pole, that they chose one over the other. But that is smart. You don't chance alienating anyone. Same as when a station or team fires someone but says that they mutually decided to part ways. Good chance it was not coincidence, but Mike being told to say that specifically over the last few days.

Even if Sterling doesn't give the score enough for some people or makes mistakes. Even outside of technical, I am a big believer of getting out of the way of the game. Not trying to be a showman. Paint a good picture of the game so you can drawn me into it. Not really Aunt and Uncle to me seeing as how neither played baseball and have no stories to tell like an uncle might. They need the Tom Seaver/Tommy John type. We should hear nice baseball inside stories/anecdotes not show tune references or uttering the same lines like " you just can't predict baseball..." or "Isn't is amazing..." etc. The quirky older uncle type that gets confused may have it's place. For me, it is not the Yankee radio broadcasts anymore. I do agree with many peoples thoughts that John needs to be with an ex player who can keep more under control, not Suzyn who gets bullied around. John was actually best with Jay Johnstone back in 1989. Kay saw that he didn't describe well or try to paint a good picture so he would do it, ala "the interlocking NY" etc. It could work with the right color man taking over for Suzyn.

Guess you won't sign this... http://www.petitiononline.com/yankees1/petition.html
Maybe a slight bit rough on them but close to my sentiments for the most part.

The Boss
09-15-2013, 00:18
yea, not signing that. most are probably met fans on that petition

The Boss
09-17-2013, 21:52
I wanted to test this player, and this is the perfect place.

<iframe width="100%" height="166" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" src="https://w.soundcloud.com/player/?url=http%3A%2F%2Fapi.soundcloud.com%2Ftracks%2F110985192"></iframe>

09-18-2013, 15:57
Good player. Works well!

We have the latest Raissman article about the Mets landing spot.

Comments are funny and I agree about how off he is. Steven A. Smith would never appear on a baseball broadcast nor is he must listen radio. Kinda easy to spot. You don't get the Jets and Rangers and Knicks then not get the Mets when available. Unless you mess it up.