View Full Version : Boomer and Carton On YES?

The Boss
09-15-2013, 16:07
2 Days a go Friday was the last show for Boomer and Carton's contract to be simulcast on MSG TV. Word is that YES has made a big offer to carry the show, and MSG has the option to match the offer. If they they do move to YES, I believe there is a mandatory "Dark" period of several months that they would have to wait before appearing on YES.

There is also the thought that if MSG lets Boomer (a huge Ranger fan) and Carton (a huge Knick fan) go to YES, that MSG would be setting up to make a huge push for Mike Francesa next year when his YES contract is up.

I think if you want to be considered the top sports network in NY, you need to have these shows on your channel. The additional note on this is that if both Mike and Boomer and Carton wind up on YES, MSG, just might want to carry Joe and Evan? I know they do not have near the audience as either big show, but what else is MSG going to put on the air all day? For that matter, why doesnt SNY carry them? They're both bog Met and Jet fans.