View Full Version : Should the Giants Give The Rookie QB Reps ?

Robby Jerzee
12-11-2013, 16:30
The New York Giants, who were eliminated from playoff contention Sunday.
Rookie QB Ryan Nassib is it worth giving the kid some series in the remaining games.

The Boss
12-12-2013, 21:39
I think its a great opportunity to get him real time work in games that count, but really dont matter to the Giants.

12-13-2013, 22:48
The smart move is to sit Eli and protect him. If the kid lights it up, you have a chip to trade off for a draft pick maybe.

Robby Jerzee
12-14-2013, 00:26
I agree with both of you. Seeing a player in reg. season games is important.The level of play not the same during preseason its valueable reps

for young players this time of year.