View Full Version : Jets Run Game

12-14-2013, 10:12
The Jets are fairing well when they run the football effectively. http://sulia.com/channel/new-york-jets/f/ba0aaf26-5d76-4934-9ca2-e5c7bc819d8d/

The Boss
12-14-2013, 13:57
we know that when a team is winning the are going to run more to kill clock, so this is almost always true for any team. Ivory has been decent though

12-15-2013, 06:27
The Jets has to go with what gives them the best chance to win, even if it deviates from the offensive style.

Ivory will continue to get the ball because he's determined now and instead of being banged up at this time of the season, he's 100% healthy. He will be used again today, versus the Panthers but the Jets need to let him run on the edge more. Running up the middle a lot against a defense like the Panthers, won't be the smartest thing to do.