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The Boss
12-14-2013, 15:39
A few hours ago the news broke as result of a Bob Raisman article that Mike Francesa show was being replaced on the YES network with Michael Kays show. I always found it pretty insane that the Yankees would pay Michael Kay to call their Yankee games and have theri TV station cary his rivals Radio show.

In any case Francesa's current deal with YES reportedly ends January 31st and Michael Kay will be on air at the Superbowl on YES immediately.

Francesa reportedly is against going to the national programing on CBSSN where Boomer and Carton are headed, due to having to talk about more national issues instead of focussing on New York and whatever else he happens to want to talk about.

I am someone that spends a lot of time in front of a TV during the winter months and YES is saved as my first channel, now it will be SNY, MSG or whatever Network Francesa winds up on. I just hope it doesnt take months for him to appear somewhere else, but I will be listening to Mike Francesa here (http://listentowfanlive.com/) until he arrives back on TV

Thoughts? Anybody simply going to watch Kay now instead of finding Mike?

Robby Jerzee
12-14-2013, 16:21
CBS is building up their Sports Network, I would love to see Mike Francesa get simulcast there.
Francesa is one of reason I love sports talk radio.Back in the day I enjoy his show with the madd dog. My opinion that show open alot doors for sports talk radio.

Sports Fans need another Sports channel to watch other than one.Personel I don't watch ESPN cause of all the overreation and excited how CBS is building there channel.
Boomer/Carton,Jim Rome, and maybe now Mike Francesa on CBS Sports Network.Finally good Sports product to watch.

12-14-2013, 17:25
Im blown away by this. Its crazy how much things change around WFan these years starting with this Imus departure. Why wouldnt Mike want to stay on YES? It says the WFan side was asking for way too much. And with WFan getting the Yankee games it made even more sense! If Yes could have gotten Joe and Evan or Boomer and Carton in the AM they would basically be the TV version of the Fan. Instead they have shitty Michael Kay who nobody cares about, but hey, at least ESPN asked for a fraction of they money to carry the show.

The Boss
12-15-2013, 16:52
I didnt hear all of Francesas show this morning, does anybody know if he addressed leaving YES?

Robby Jerzee
12-15-2013, 20:03
Same here boss I caught the end

The Boss
12-16-2013, 14:19
At 3:05 today Francesa addressed the situation between him and YES. He says YES has been great over the last 12 years, at being a partner, how they supplement the radio show etc. Mike says he will not negotiate for with another TV station until this contract has expired. He states there has been interest shown by several other Stations just today alone on carrying his show, but he has not entertained any offers. Francesa says the last contract was negotiated by him after Dog left the show, and became a very different deal then it had been to that point.

So basically although Mike says he has nothing bad to say about YES and they have always been a tremendous partner, he also gave no explanation on why he has always known he would not be staying with YES past this contract, and never even attempted to negotiate a new deal.

Why not Mike?

12-16-2013, 16:58
I think we just got the real scoop - Mike said that the "Editorial Control" of the show was an issue. It could not be due to economic disagreements becasue YES never even offered to negotiate a deal. They are just letting him go - and replacing him with Michael Kay who will never criticize the team, station or anything else about the Empire.

The Boss
12-16-2013, 21:33
What a slap in the face of Francesa. Not even being offered a deal. Just flat out letting him walk. Thats hard to take