View Full Version : Jets Prediction Jets 31 Panthers 27

Robby Jerzee
12-15-2013, 10:26
Jets Offense vs Panthers Defense

QB Geno Smith will have a tough game against a great front 7.The Jets offense line has to win their match up for Smith to deliver a deep ball.

The Jets need use maximum protection schemes. This could be the Jets best option can buy extra time for Smith to make plays.The draw back to using maximum protection is it makes it easier to cover in secondary cause of fewer players to cover.

This strategy worked last week against the Raiders on the first drive. The Jets kept seven in to block, and Chris Ivory’s runs a route acts as a block, and then draws a defender away from the pocket. Smith has enough time to scan the field and he is able to make the easy completion for the open receiver.

Smith is the Key to victory no turnovers is a must.He got to stretch the defense with completion down field and that will help open up the run game.

Panthers defense took the #1 position from Jets defense in stopping the run.Panthers defense is also #1 in points allowed per game 14.5 points.They #2 in allowing up total yards 296 avg.Against the pass 216 yards allowed ranked #5.

This is Geno Smith biggest challenge of the season.