View Full Version : Will The Seahawks Be Back in Metlife For The SB?

Robby Jerzee
12-15-2013, 16:41
Seahawks 23 Giants 0

The Giants were Overmatch

Manning 18/31 156 yards 5 INT

Giants only 25 yards on the ground.

My Opinion
Seahawks with one of their best road games of the season.If The Seahawks can play like this on the road look out.
The road to the Super Bowl should go though Seattle.
The Key is can they get back to MetLife and play like they play today and become Champions!

Your Thoughts???

12-15-2013, 17:05
Eli Manning is very overrated, Ive said it before. Seatle is no doubt tough to beat and more so considering they will probably be playing at home. The defending SB champion Saints couldn't win there against a "joke" of a division champion 7-9 Seattle tema a few years ago in the wild card round. So I think most people would have to favor them.