View Full Version : What Should The Jets Draft in the 1st round?

Robby Jerzee
12-16-2013, 19:14
Geno Smith had his struggles and turnovers. How do we evaluate Smith with a Offense line who has improved yet showed some leaks and made it hard on him.
The Jets have the worst WR unit in the NFL. When Kerley started he had some good games.
GM John Idzik not going to want pull the plug on his 2nd round pick after only a year.

Drafting another QB in the 1st round not going improve WR unit and the same struggles will continue.

Trade option example REdskins QB Cousins ,the Redskins have no #1 round picks so they going want a pick for him. The draft pick too valuable for a team with many needs.

My opinion
Go with Geno draft a stud WR in the first round and second round. Use free agent money to revamp o line a little.
I like see Smith with talent around him first.