Robby Jerzee
12-17-2013, 17:41
New York Knicks,

Time outs are not rolled over minutes, they donít carry over to the next game.Coach Woodson didnít call time out with three in his pockets.

Mental Errors

The mental errors started with Knicks guard Beno Udrih split a pair of free throws.This gave the Knicks a 101-100 lead with 24.5 seconds left in the game.

The Knicks had a foul to give and was not used when needed.Wizards guard Bradley Beal drove to the basket on the next possession and had an easy lay-up to take the lead.Knicks PG Udrih didnít use the foul, instead relying on defensive help and gave up the lay up to give the Wizards the win.

Now its 6.9 seconds left and three timeouts remaining and Knicks Pg.Udrih inbounded the ball to Carmelo Anthony who dribbled up the court then attempted an off-balance 3-pointer at the buzzer that missed
Use The Foul To Give

Why didnít Woodson instruct his team they had a foul to give? The Knicks defense showed they had knowledge of fact they had a foul to give.Woodson or any coach on the bench should be yelled foul give and prepare the players by putting the right defensive set in.

Bradley Beal drove the ball and Knicks Pg Udrih let him go like he was expecting help.That is an example of how the Knicks players were unaware of the situation.

This is result of poor coaching!!!!

Final Play

Woodson waves off the time out after the basket with 6.9 seconds left.He was trying to catch the defense off guard and surprise them.This method allows the offense be aggressive and defense canít set up.

Their one problem this seemed to surprise the Knicks more than the defense.This only works if the team all knows the play.The Knicks seemed to waiting for Woodson to call time out.Another example of poor coaching.

This surprise play without only works with a fast point guard.Its more effective when the game is tie not down by one.

Woodson Needs to Give The Plays To The Players

Woodson not giving his players plays and not creating players either.

Is it Time For A New Coach?
My Opinion
Yes it it is.

The Boss
12-19-2013, 10:58
Last nights game was all you needed to see. I dont even follow basketball much, But that shot at the end of overtime with the lead and a fresh shot clock has to be about coaching. Even if its not Woodsons fault, he gotta go