View Full Version : WFAN’s Benigno Says Harvey Thinks He’s King Of NY

Robby Jerzee
12-18-2013, 18:15
On Tuesday afternoon, WFAN co-host Joe Benigno went on a mini-rant about Mets ace Matt Harvey after the pitcher was seen at the Knicks game with his girlfriend, supermodel Anne V.

Benigno said, “Harvey’s like this major celebrity. The guy has basically done nothing. I know he’s had a tremendous — however time that he’s pitched. He’s barely pitched a year, he’s not gonna play at all this year because of the Tommy John surgery. Who knows what this guy (could be)? He could turn out to be Mark Fidrych at the end of the day, for all I know.
“…And this guy’s sitting there at courtside, he’s all over this Anne V … I don’t need to see it. I don’t need to see my star pitcher who’s not gonna pitch at all this year and is gonna be in rehab, I don’t need to see him canoodling with his girlfriend at courtside at a Knick game!”

The Mets’ ace got wind of the midday host’s comments and wasn’t pleased. He tweeted at Evan Roberts, Benigno’s co-host, on Tuesday night, writing, “Very classy. Jealousy is a bad trait. #JustDontWatchThen.”
The 24-year-old also retweeted a tweet that said ”who the f— is Joe Benigno?”
Click on and hear Benigno Rant

12-18-2013, 19:40
I had no idea Harvey tweeted @joe and evan. I dont understnad what the #JustDontWatchThen means exactly, but what a douche Harvey is showing himself to be. That deal with Qualcom or whatever it was, and now this is at least 2 asshole moments from him.

I did hear Joe today and thought he was ridiculous for saying harvey shouldnt be there, at the Knick game because he hasnt done enough in his career to be seen yet, I guess. How about the guy sitting next to Harvey, has he done enough in his life to be "seen" at a Knick game? Just stupid. But if Harvey takes it serious like he did, then he is just a poor sport and will blow up in NY and some point when things get rough

The Boss
12-19-2013, 11:32
Joe Benigno is said to respond to Harveys comments when the Boys hit the air at 1 today. Cant wait to see how he handles this.