View Full Version : Knicks - Nets (1/20)

01-20-2014, 00:58
The Knicks and Nets look to battle this afternoon as they face each other at the Garden.

The Knicks and Nets both had high expectations entering this season. Both teams went to the playoffs last year and both made some moves during the offseason. Surprisingly both teams are playing awful and they are both below .500.

The Knicks just can not find ways to win games. They are 15-25 this season and have lost three straight now. J.R. Smith is killing the Knicks right now. Smith has been fined from the league for untying players shoes during the game. This is outrageous. $50,000 for untying a players shoes. The guy is a clown. He's had multiple problems with Coach Woodson and Woodson benched Smith when they played Miami. Everybody says "trade J.R." But who even wants him is my question. Who would take this guy?

The Nets season so far is no different then the Knicks. They are 16-22 and rookie head coach Jason Kidd is not doing a good job. Kidd was charged with a DUI during the offseason and he was also recently fined $50,000 for intentionally spilling soda onto the court to stop the game and freeze the free throw shooter. Also, they have been plagued with injuries. Center Brook Lopez, who averaged the most PPG last year as a center is missing the entire season due to a foot injury. An absolute devastating loss for the Nets. Pierce and Williams have been battling injuries this year too. Deron Williams WILL play today against the Knicks. He has missed the past 5 games due to an ankle injury and the Nets sure are happy to have their star point guard back.

These two teams are an absolute mess at the moment, but it will still be a great game to watch. 2:30 EST at the Garden. Who do you think will win Knicks or Nets?