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04-18-2014, 12:28
Brooklyn Nets. Major changes before the 2013-2014 season. Acquiring future hall of famers. Below was the starting lineup for the first game of the season.

D.Will, Joe Johnson, Pierce, KG, Lopez…

How could this team not win a championship?

Everything looked good during the summer.

First 31 games? 10-21!
October, November and December was a disaster for the Nets. Lopez was the Nets leading scorer and he went down with a foot injury and is done for the season. New head coach Jason Kidd had his infamous soda "spill". Nothing was going their way.

After New Years, it was a new Nets team. The Nets went 10-3 in January and Jason Kidd won coach of the month. They picked up their game and went 24-14 in February, March and April. They finished their season 44-38 and earned a 6th seed playoff spot.

Eastern Conference Standings

1. Indiana
2. Miami
3. Toronto
4. Chicago
5. Washington
6. Brooklyn
7. Charlotte
8. Atlanta

Brooklyn Nets vs Toronto Raptors

They played each other 4 times this season and split the season series.

#6.Nets (44-38) vs #3.Raptors (48-34)

This will be a good series. The Raptors are a better team then people think. Yes, the Nets probably have a better chance against the Raptors then Bulls, but the Raptors are a young, hungry team. However, the Raptors have little playoff experience, especially compared to the Nets.

Playoff games experience:

Nets starting five - 399
Raptors starting five - 24

Below is the Nets-Raptors schedule and prediction...

Game 1

Saturday, April 19
Nets at Raptors 12:30

*Nets 94 Raptors 87* Nets lead Raptors 1-0

Game 2

Tuesday, April 22
Nets at Raptors 7:00

*Nets 95 Raptors 100* Series tied 1-1

Game 3

Friday, April 25
Raptors at Nets 7:00

*Nets 102 Raptors 98* Nets lead Raptors 2-1

Game 4

Sunday, April 27
Raptors at Nets 7:00

*Nets 79 Raptors 87* Series tied 2-2

Game 5

Wednesday, April 30
Nets at Raptors 7:30

*Nets 113 Raptors 115* Raptors lead Nets 3-2

Game 6

Friday, May 2
Raptors at Nets 7:30

*Nets 97 Raptors 83* Series tied 3-3

Game 7

Sunday, May 4
Nets at Raptors 1:00

*Nets 104 Raptors 103* Nets win series 4-3!

Not a walk in the park for either squad, but the Nets experience will give them an edge to get by.
Nets in 6.