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Thread: WFAN Islander Blogger Nick Colombo dreadfully bad

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    WFAN Islander Blogger Nick Colombo dreadfully bad

    I really can't stand some of the WFAN bloggers, and how, and more importantly why WFAN ever let these people near a computer much less post their completely meaningless, and irrelevant articles on their website.

    One of the worst, without question has to be Nick Colombo who does the Islanders blog. He is probably the most inane columnist on WFAN.

    Just 34 games into an 82 game season Colombo actually wrote that the Islanders should just start throwing games in an effort to get the #1 overall pick. His sophomoric writing would have been almost laughable if he wasn't actually serious about his article. http://goo.gl/0aP7U

    Not only did Colombo somehow believe his story would be taken as a legitimate piece of work, he even defended his opinion in the comments section when many, including myself classified him as a buffoon.

    Many pointed out that it was not only insane to do, but fans paid good money to support the Islanders Colombo answered "Do you think teams have never intentionally mailed it in before to get a good draft pick? It happens all the time." Sure, maybe the last week of the season, but I have never heard any team mailing in the last 48 games of a season. For Colombo to even think this would make a good story is moronic, to actually go ahead and write it goes far beyond absurdity.

    Another example of Colombo's genius came just 2 weeks ago when the Islanders removed the intern tag from Jack Capuano and signed him to a contract that made him the official head coach of the Islanders. Capuano took over a team that was in the midst of an historic non-winning steak, and after stabilizing the team, Capuano had a 25-21-8 mark over the final 54 games. Colombo actually said the only reason the islanders did well was because he wasn't Scott Gordon the head coach that Capuano replaced. http://goo.gl/crVOf

    According to Colombo's brilliance the Islanders made the wrong choice, and they should have went with a more experience head coach...Of course he did not mention who this magnificent coach would be. That is like saying the Mets will be a contender if they just made a trade for a #1 and #2 starting pitcher. I hope Colombo didn't work his brain too hard coming up with some of these masterpieces, I would hate to see that little peanut in his head, over worked too much.

    I have written many articles on this website, and I can't tell you how many I have written that have never seen the light of day, because of two simple rules. The first being I actually have to believe it, and it also needs to go beyond just my bias. An example of this is how the Yankees are winning their games by hitting home-runs. Some people have started writing articles about it, but to me it nonsensical. Bottom line is the Yankees are in first place, We are only in May, and the idea is to score more runs than the other team and last I looked home-runs are still the easiest and fastest way to score. So that article sits on my computer and maybe in August it will get updated and released.

    The other rule I live by is to give hard, fact based examples of what I am writing about. If Colombo stated that the 1987 Edmonton Oilers or some other team dumped the season in order to win the #1 draft choice that would suffice. If Colombo actually named the coach the Islanders should have went after, then of course his article would have at least some merit. His articles neither make suggestions, or give even one example to validate his opinions.

    Colombo would have to work real hard, and maybe even spend a year or two at the Connecticut School of Journalism just to work his way up to the level of being dreadfully bad.

    By Dominick Mezzapesa
    Twitter @dmezz1120
    Email: mezz1962@gmail.com
    WFAN caller Dominick from Hicksville
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    Isnt that Lupus from Boomer and Carton? He wrote an article about the Penguins I think and it was stupid, but they said it had many more views then the 2nd most read article. Something like that. I guess he is a "shock" blogger

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    Shock bloggers like that give the hard working hockey writers a really bad name. Just do not go near the Bleacher Report....oh boy!

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    Talk about lists about lists at Bleacher Report. It's basically for people who can't read an entire paragraph without getting confused.
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