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Thread: Ranking The Top 10 WFAN Personalities

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    Ranking The Top 10 WFAN Personalities

    Well over one hundred years ago, when Guglielmo Marconi developed the first semblance of what we today call, “the radio,” I don’t think he or anyone else could have ever believed it would revolutionize and grow to become the staple that it has become today. As sports fans, there is something about the radio that is cozy and welcoming. For older fans, the radio is where many of your sports memories as a child were made without television broadcasts being available. Radio has since become a platform for every die-hard fan to fulfill there need for sports debate and discussion. Living in the metropolitan area, arguably the biggest and most diverse sports market in the country; local fans typically tune their dials to 660, better known as WFAN, the world’s first 24-hour sports talk radio station.

    Since 1987, fans of New York and New Jersey sports teams have been calling in to various personalities around the clock to vent, debate, discuss and criticize their views and opinions on the hottest of sports topics.

    With such heavy influence on our everyday lives, Double G Sports felt it would be a good idea to rank the top 10 personalities on the radio station. Rankings were compiled based on a variety of factors from personality, voice, how relatable they were to the average caller, and the unique factors that they bring to the table.

    See our rankings here: http://doublegsports.com/2012/01/11/...personalities/

    Go there, read our rankings, then place your vote!

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    I'm not going to give all the explanations for the rankings, but here is the list:

    10 Team of Eddie Coleman and Sweeny Murti

    9 Lori Robinson

    8. John Minko.

    7. Al Dukes

    6. Boomer Esiason

    5. Mike Francessa

    4. Evan Roberts

    3. Steve Sommers

    2. Joe Beningo

    1. Craig Carton

    Be sure to follow Double G's link and place your vote for your favorite, and read his justifications for each of the hosts place in the rankings

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    I am going to skim over the most obvious problem with this list and draw attention to the numbers 9 and 10. Lori Rubinson is ahead of Ed Coleman and Sweeny Murti? She's never even on the air.

    Now for Francesa being at 5, that is something hard for me to process.

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    The Rubinson ranking is odd. Double G thought she was better then them based on
    personality, voice, how relatable they were to the average caller, and the unique factors that they bring to the table
    I think Eddie and Sweeny would rank very high in the "unique factors that they bring to the table" with all the inside info they bring during the baseball season and I would think Lori ranks very low in that category. Maybe GG can clarify

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    I like the combination of Kim Jones and Eddie Coleman. They are two of the most underrated personalities on WFAN. They are not on together a lot, but when they are on together, it is radio gold.

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    Kim jones should have made the list. No lower then number 7 as long as you agree 1-6 are set in stone.

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    I have really been racking my brain trying to make my own top 10 for WFAN Personalities. This is difficult for me. I like a lot of the talent.




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    Is Sussman on the anymore? I really liked him and I have not heard him recently.




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    Wow ,this is a though one,no kiddin ! Because I've got mu favs aligned with each sports season..example, for guys like Ed Coleman, Murti, Kim Jones move up the ranks during baseball season of course ..I enjoy Joe & Evan cry about the Mets but when they talk football they seem to annoy me..Boomer & Carton are definitely stronger come football season. How bout this ,for me the 2 guys who's ranking remains stable throughout the season is Mikey & Sommers,I can say that.

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    Even though most people would agree with that list, is it safe to say that the most listened to person is Mike Francesa?




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    1. Francessa - although Mikey has been very cranky since the holidays

    2. Kim Jones - OMG, we have a professional sports caster on the FAN. Can we get more or are we losing her to the amateurs?

    3. Tony Paige - in addition to the NFL/MLB, the guy gives us boxing, hockey and NBA. Promote the guy already

    4. Captain Midnight - he's different but we all Steve

    5. Coleman - the man knows sports and still enjoyed the day of Coleman and Sims

    the rest in no particular order

    Beningo - contradicts himself too often. A perfect Jets fan

    Roberts - basically just recites the prior Mets game. Needs to be continually corrected by Carl Banks. Results from an I.Q. test would be interesting. I'm taking under

    Neer - can somebody please vacuum out his throat before he goes on the air? I could eat a sandwich, speak with my mouth full and still be more clear than this guys delivery. Mr. Lame is is basically that substitute teacher with issues everybody but himself could recognize.

    The Bull - only host I just can't agree with. Strange fella

    Malusis - a bitter Redskins fan who doesn't have the hustle to make it to the top.

    Carlin - Mr. Sensative

    Carton - stupidity sells

    Boomer - guilty by association, see Carton

    This team needs an overhaul

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    Adam The Bull hasn't even been on Wfan since summer. Chris Carlin is never on either, but I don't like him whenever he is, usual with Kim jones. I like joe & Evan and Steve Somers as much as the next guy, but to rank them ahead of Mike Francesa or Boomer Esiason makes no sense

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    how about jody mac.he was the best ever on the fan.i would stay up all night listening him when he did the over nights on the weekend.feel bad for him now he is down in phlly on wip.

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    My Top Ten:

    1. Joe Beningo - He's a natural behind the mic. As someone mentioned, he's the guy at the bar you can talk sports with all night. I've been a fan of his ever since he started on the overnights. Love his passion even though its misdirected!
    2. Mike Francesa - Love him or hate him, Mike has that New York abrasive personality and always sticks to his guns even when hes wrong. He's keeps you coming back for more regardless, lol.
    3. Steve Sommers - "old school" WFAN, been a fan since he started way back doing the overnights. Funny, quick witted, and very patient with the callers, the total opposite of Mike F!
    4. Boomer Esiason - he's developed a nice niche as the voice of reason and giving a unique perspective as a player turned fan. Thank goodness for Boomer in the AM schedule.
    5.Tony Paige - mister nice-guy, totally underrated as a host. If you want a discussion as opposed to an argument call Tony.
    6. Eddie Coleman - Professional, straight shooter and solid radio voice, even though he's a Pats Fan!
    7. Kim Jones - She's was a great fit for the Fan, she knows her stuff and could hang with anyone.
    8. Craig Carton - Just for the "shtick" not for sports insight, entertaining in small doses.
    9. Richard Neer - Not the most colorful of hosts but does a solid job
    10. Mark Malisus - See #9

    Although he doesn't host, the "Mink Man" is the voice of the the updates.
    Just my take...and yeah I agree about "Jody Mac" is was fun to listen too.

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    Hmm, no one mentioned Ed Randall ? He's the definitive voice for baseball purists. Also a top quality human being, what with cancer awareness etc. His interviewing technique is respectful and born of significant experience. His guests tend to be less flashy, and yet still interesting. Old timers, scouts etc. Tends to have more meat than listening to Georgia Roddy drone on about how his team can't hit with runners in scoring position for the 6th consecutive week...

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    I never hear Ed anymore, but it is true what you say. His interviews with little league coaches are something I cant turn off. Talking about bad parenting at the games and stuff. Good inteviewer.

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    The. Best personality is Massapequa Chris!

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