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Thread: NYG v SF Preview

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    NYG v SF Preview

    I copied some of this from my Lambeau post since it probably got buried in there.


    Its easy but needs to be said. Win the TO battle. They have the only defense that can match the front 4 pressure the Giants bring. They are a legitimate, dominant defense. Pair that with a ball control offense, and you cannot give them extra chances to put points on the board. Alex Smith is playing confident, but if the defense can eliminate Frank Gore like they did Michael Turner, they can get to him. He has shown a knack for avoiding mistakes, but his running game is a big factor in that. Forcing him to throw more often and frequently under duress will create more opportunities for mistakes.

    A matchup to watch will be Boley v Davis. He is Smith's favorite target and a dangerous weapon at TE. Boley is a good coverage LB and his importance is clear when you compare the defense during his injury to the games since he has returned.

    I anticipate less 3 safety personnel than last week (a monkey could probably make that prediction though). Kiwi will have to be a big factor in stopping the run this week after seeing limited time last week against the pass happy Packers. They would love to keep putting SF in 2nd or 3rd and long situations to bring in the 3rd safety and release the pass rushing hounds. They do that by stopping the run.

    This is going to be a snot-busting, old school, bust-your-face-in matchup. As Antonio Pierce said this morning (this is more a paraphrase than a quote), "What happened to those NFC 'elite' QB's that everyone has been saying are changing the way the game is played? They were sent home by strong defense. Just sayin'..."

    Update: Some stuff to add here. First and foremost, SF will look to capitalize on a big play or plays on Special Teams. Its the only aspect of the game they have a clear advantage in. If Ted Ginn plays (he's been out of practice) the Giants have to make sure to keep him under wraps and not let him get going with big plays in the return game. The kicking game has also been a strength for SF all season. To counter that, Tynes has to make sure to make all of his kicks...bottom line.

    Eli is FINE. He was back at practice the day after leaving with a stomach bug. I'm sure they have a close eye on him to make sure there's no lingering side effects. The rest of us would suffer for 4 days, lose 10 pounds, and lack the strength to walk to the bathroom from our bedrooms, but its not the case with a pro athlete. First sign of illness they FORCED him to go home, probably pumped him full of IV fluids, and flushed that bug right out before it could even leave a dent.

    Look for the 49ers to be coached up REALLY well on offense, and to come out doing something out of character for them. What that will be, only time will tell. During the regular season, they threw the Giants off by throwing on 1st down a ton, when they are normally a run first team. I see them coming out and hitting the Giants with play-action right off the bat to keep them honest, but reverting back to the ground and pound very quickly. With Boley locked up with Davis all day, look for them to hit the Giants with a lot of Gore out of the backfield in their pass game...I'm not sure Kiwi or Blackburn can keep up with him in space, and Williams won't be on the field in the early downs if there's 2 WR sets.

    The game line is at 42, and I'm taking the under. 21-20 GMEN. I'm completely playing a hunch since the Giants scored 37 by themselves last week, but the 49ers are not the Packers, and vice versa, the Giants are not the Saints. When they combine for 80+ make sure you mock the ever living hell out of me on twitter @wfangiantsnews!

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    Ginn is a big deal. I hope he is full speed. I agree about SF trying some funny business on Special teams. 1 Big play might be all you have in this game, so I think they might try something sneaky in order to get that play, if they see the Giant D is clearly shutting down their O.

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    Great write up,should make me feel confident being a NYG fan...but for some reason my gut says Eli has a disastrous game,throws 3-4 INT & we are all talking on WFAN next wk about was he feeling ill,sick thru out the course of week into game ..and what would have been if healthy. Just got that feeling

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    @Dr Met - Thank you. I wouldn't worry about Eli though. If he was out for 2-3 days I'd worry, but he missed half a practice. If he has a 3-4 INT game (which I don't expect he will), it will be because the Niners defense forced them, not because he was sick.

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    I heard a stat on Mike's On the other day when TC was on. The 49ers average scoring drives are 47 yards. Their game is all field position. They have one of, if not the best, special teams in football. Special teams is going to be the key to the game, besides TO's. If the Giants can get touchbacks/keep the ball out of the hands of Ginn, they should be successful.

    I think the Giants will be ready for a sneaky play because they were burned by the 49ers last time they played on the surprise onside kick. They were ready for it during the Packers game and should be ready this time around.




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