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Thread: Mike Francesas new IPhone App

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    Mike Francesas new IPhone App

    For those of us that listen to Mike Francesa on a regular basis, this is a long awaited event. I believe it was back in September that Francesa first made the proclamation that he was involved in the making of some "revolutionary technology" that all other radio shows would soon copy. The App has taken about 2 months longer then expected but today I have downloaded the "Audio Roadshow" on my Iphone.

    The App Includes "Line Up" which shows the days guests, a poll, and "10 Secs of Glory" which allows you to record a 10 second clip on a subject they provide you. I assume they will play a few clips on air each day.

    The best part of the App may be the "Listen Live" feature which allows you to listen to WFan at any time, and appears to be much faster and easier at bringing up the audio then the Radio.com app does.

    The easiest way to download this App is to dial **fan (**326) from your IPhone and it will automatically download to your phone.

    Droid version expected in about 6 weeks.

    Mike francesa App

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    So Mike has his own App but still doesn't have a twitter account? That's kind of an odd progression isn't it? Good to hear we have a better way to Listen Live too. I'm not really sure how many times I will need to know who his guests are beforehand however.

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    Is there a droid version to this app?




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    I don't think so. If you have a Droid, search for it and let us know.

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    I imagine the 10 seconds of Glory thing will fade out very fast when they realize it is non stop hate. I love the app though. I'm already using it.

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    The Droid App will be ready in about 6 weeks according to the CBS digital guy

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    We've had this for a while. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/cbs-n...453691362?mt=8. WFAN starts fast and easy to listen live.

    Not much new here. Didn't like when the guy said about adding the advertising in a couple months. Free and pay(no ads) versions maybe?

    Other shows read tweets. Mike won't do that so we have 10 second of glory.

    Revolutionary stuff indeed.

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    People are making fun of it all over the place, fact is that Mike Francesa has a way to record opinion by the thousand the day after an event. Years down the line when everybody has changed their opinion, Mike can play the clips as proof of what people were thinking at the time. It really is a good tool to help Mike prove people wrong down the line.

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    There's nothing "revolutionary" about it. As for Mike using the '10 seconds' thing to prove people wrong, Mikey doesn't need proof. He'll tell you that you are wrong even when you are right.

    Don't forget - if you didn't play the sport, Mike doesn't give a damn about your opinion. He's told us that hundreds of times already.

    But don't point out that Mikey didn't play the sport himself...he doesn't like it when you point out the obvious.

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    It really is a good tool to help Mike prove people wrong down the line.
    You always here Mike say "I took calls for 3 days after that trade and nobody thought it was a bad idea at the time" These are files he can pull up in a few minutes way down the line to back it up

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    I am a big fan of Mike and also loved this app. When its new version will be uploaded on apple store?

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    As part of ESPN's new attack they have a new mobile app as well. You can even start a show over if you miss the beginning of it(up to the first hour). Not that there is much to listen to over there but that is certainly more innovative than Mikes app claimed to be. Would be good for Mike since staring at 1:00PM certainly leads to missing some opens.

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    It is actually a good idea to be able to listen to the show DVR style if you start listening late.

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    I want to mention the changes to that Ap from about a month ago. It is awful. All I ever want to do is listen to the station, but now I have this long process of picking the station, then picking the show I want, with a 10 second delay each time, just to have the "no internet connection" error half the time. The Ap is slow as hell and hardly works half the time. Way to mess it up guys

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    Almost a year later. Safe to look back now and admire just how "revolutionary" this technology was. Life hasn't been the same since, lol!

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