What a season it was for the Blueshirts, having a great regular season going 51-24 a total of 109 points and good enough to be the #1 seed in the Eastern Conference. Highlights from the season such as taking 4 out of 6 from the NY Rivals the NY Islanders. Taking all 6 games against the hated Philadelphia Flyers, including a 3-2 win in this year's BridgeStone Winter Classic. Nobody expected a top-notch season for the Rangers, and having such a great season as they did it seems like there is a bright future going foward. Off-season signings such as Star Center Brad Richards who we remember the most from his game tying goal with 6.6 seconds to go in Game 6 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals. Chris Kreider was a brightspot and had looks of greatness during his short playoff expierence. He played 18 games, scoring 5 goals and racking up 2 assists. A total of 7 points. The two MVP's of this season for the Rangers have to be either Marian Gaborik or Henrik "The King" Lundqvist. Both had outstanding seasons and carried the Rangers through the playoffs and regular season. Gaborik who has a reputation of an goal scorer and a total offensive player showed it this year. In the regular season he scored 41 goals and 35 assists, a total of 76 points. And he never missed a regualr season game, he played in all 82. On the other hand is the Rangers goalie, Henrik Lundqvist. Lundqvist was outstanding and showed why he is one of the top netminders in the NHL. Lundqvist started in 62 games, winning 39 of them losing 18 of them and 5 were Overtime losses. He stopped a total of 1,630 shots and allowed 123 goals. Good for a save percentage of .930% His GAA was 1.97 and is nominated for the Vienza trophy and the MVP trophy. The emergence of the young players as well has helped the Rangers. Players such as Carl Hagelin, Chris Krieder, Derek Stepan, 21 year old Michael Del Zotto and Ryan Mcdonagh have cemeted their spots in the Rangers' roster for the Rangers upcoming years. In the playoffs, the Rangers got through a tough Ottawa team in 7, the Offensive Juggernaut in Washington in 7. But in the Eastern Conference Finals the Rangers fell short in the Battle of the Hudson to the NJ Devils in 6 games. The NJ forecheck was too much and the Rangers were worn out. Words such as "Just a broken heart" were used to describe the end of the season. There is alot of postive energy heading towards the next season. Rookie Chris Kreider said he was "very happy"with his decision to come join the Rangers. What a great season it was for NY, a season full of excitment and memories we will never forget.

Quotes from espnnewyork.com
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