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Thread: Dump Carton

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    Dump Carton

    Have we not had enough of this buffoon? This guy takes Sid to another level of stupidity and arrogance. In the years since he joined Boomer, Cartoon has dumbed down Boomer and made him less thoughtful, more gruff and crude...Boomer is more like Cartoon, rather than Cartoon being more like Boomer.

    Can we pay to get him off the air...is this the best WFAN can produce? I've never met anyone who has ever said: Gee, Cartoon is a thought-provoking, stimulating, informed, pleasant host...most everyone says they either tune out or want to get a bat.

    You don't realize how obnoxious he is until someone subs for him during the morning time slot...i'll take anyone else.

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    Well they just resigned both of them for 5 more years I believe. So I don't think you are going to see him fired unless he does something to cause sponsers to pull their money.

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    Have to agree on the Boomer dumbed down thing. Boomer saying release Tebow was something that Carton would say that came out of Boomer's mouth instead. Got a bunch of attention but a silly thing to say that I heard some rip Boomer for and some others(weak one's that struggle to fill their air time) use it as topic.

    I think Carton is for today's younger audience and symbolic of the dumbing down we see in society these days. If you are young and don't realize that he is just part Stern/part Mad Dog plus a last part(himself) which is that class clown type that made fun of others that once you spent enough time with you realized was more obnoxious + annoying than amusing. The Stern/Mad Dog parts are quite inferior imitations of the originals as well.

    He has run his course because on top of being an imitator of others, he is arrogant and obnoxious to the point of thinking he doesn't have to change his act. It wasn't fresh and new to begin with and he acts like he can keep doing the exact same schtick for the next five years.

    I'll actually put them on two or three times a week. How long I stay depends on them. 5, 10, maybe up to 30 minutes for a weekly total of about an hour or so. Enough to know I'm really not missing anything. It isn't long till you hear something that makes you say "why am I listening to this". 90% is either unoriginal stuff someone else did first, him being obnoxious or a jerk, or talking about topics in a way that is not informative or open and honest but planned to get a certain reaction or get a rise out of people etc. Fake stuff thinking up stuff to say to tweak others instead of being yourself. That is the exact thing Boomer did when making that Tebow statement. Fake,fake,fake!

    I like host's that say what they believe not what others' may want to hear, or to inflame, or to bring more calls in, or to some other end or purpose in mind. Boomer and Carton have become just as fake as Greenberg and Golic up the dial. Just that Greenberg wants to end up being another Barbara Walters and have his own prime time interview show so he'll never talk about anyone's "junk". Carton wants to be another Howard Stern and he clearly will.

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    Well, nobody has to get used to it. You can choose to listen or not. Personally I think imitating/making fun of Joe D., Suzyn Waldman impressions, Mad Dog impressions and the like have run their course. Carton gets a kick from Al doing lame songs saying "Dickey, Dickey" over and over. That might be funny if I was in grade school.

    Boomer and Carton are pretty much average guys but they do fake things and schtick just like up the dial at times. Made up beefs with Francesa and a host of other things.

    On the Tebow issue, we all know they wanted publicity. But, they have very few good skill players on offense and are one of the few teams that can make use out of Tebow. You can't cut him. Have you seen the offense? A team with bad blocking tight ends and a suspect O-line, suspect running backs, and weak at receiver can't just ditch a Tebow. I thought it was kind of a joke at first but now, he can be quite useful esp. if they use him right. Boomer knows football and he feels bad for Sanchez more than anything. Sanchez, Holmes, and Tebow are the three best play makers on the Jets offense. Even though he doesn't throw well he makes more plays and first downs than a Keller, or a Greene do. It's unfortunate that's the case but cutting Tebow may just hurt them if they could use him right(yet to be seen though).

    Anyway, back to the original topic. I'll take Czaban and I'll take some Mike and Mike. If neither of those then I'll do some Imus. I've heard enough Boomer and Carton. No offense to those who like them.

    On an aside though, don't get this average guy thing. Hear it too often. To me, average, doesn't work for sports talk radio. FAN used to have Lampley, Mazer, Gumbel, etc. People well hooked into the sports landscape. Now average guys like Joe and Evan are good? I have friends who are sports savvy and I can talk with so I have average. On the radio I want better. People in the know with connections that get special info from people who know.Too much repeating stuff from the same sources us "average" people have access to so we've probably already heard it/read about it. Recently Mike and Mike have had on all the guys going to all the training camps. With the four letter behind them they have had all the reports and latest info on the NFL camps and the Goodell/Vilma case and all that stuff. Great prep on the football landscape now that football is back. Just more info, better guests and better balance than the mornings on FAN. B & C just don't have the guests and info and are too NY-centric(same as the other hosts) which really wears out topics fast and becomes repetitive. For the sports fan especially, hard to see choosing B&C at this time of year. To me, more info and some opinion is better than more opinion and some info.
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    I can tell Carton actually has a deep hatred of the Giants
    He does?

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