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Thread: WFan to Simulcast on 101.9 FM

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    WFan to Simulcast on 101.9 FM

    As announced by Mike Francesa earlier today, WFan will begin simulcasting on 101.9fm starting sometime in November. Everything will remain the same for listeners of 66am, but now listeners will have a new option with a better signal.

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    Keep popping in here time and again. Today it is cleaned up and no anti-virus pop-up about an attack! So, why not drop in a reply or two

    In NY of all places we will have had to wait over a year to hear the new network since the only plan seems to be FAN to FM. Yet, all associated with WFAN complain about moving. I have yet to hear it proposed that CBS SR take the FM signal. Would be nice to hear Bull, Tiernay, Gianotti, etc. but not until 2014. Lame that a bunch of BS crap keeps us from some expanded sports talk options. Just get it done already!

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    Good post fansince87! Keep them coming! We've cleaned up the site and are working to keep it clean!

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    Site is all yours greggor, will be good to see this place jumping soon

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