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Thread: New members

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    To The Boss: Thank you for your welcoming me here. I enjoy posting here in your forum. Btw, I'm a regular trial court employee and do online jobs for part-time. I am hoping to be part of this site for a long time.

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    Welcome guys. Great website Bob, thanks for the Christmas card Funtime!

    Visit Mike Francesa.net!

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    *fake accent* Velcome IFollowedLocke *fake accent

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    Hey Nakia, we currently have the same amount of posts (24)

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    Hey, now you both have 25. That's funny.

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    New members post here.. I cant wait to see this "Batperson" start posting

    Visit Mike Francesa.net!

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    Hello and thanks for joining!

    Visit Mike Francesa.net!

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    sween might be the first person in months to actually post as anew member. We have high hopes for you now!

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    My name is Brian and I am very excited to join a website to talk about sports with people other than my friends.

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    I've been following the site on Twitter for some time and been 'lurking' around reading posts and articles for a few months and I finally decided to join up and be a part of the community.

    A little about me...SPORTS - I can still play, BUT I also love to talk.

    I look forward to some great discussions and sports chatter.

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    Never introduced myself. My name is Brian. From New Jersey. Yankees, Giants, Knicks, Syracuse Orange (Basketball) fan. That is really about it.




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    Hey everyone! New Member here. Follow all NY Sports and I'm a big time Yankees and Giants fan

    Twitter: @RachelSports

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