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Thread: WFAN 2013 Superbowl Trivia Answers

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    WFAN 2013 Superbowl Trivia Answers

    Mike Francesa will be giving away Superbowl tickets as usual. This is your spot for the answers. Check out last years Superbowl Trivia answers.

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    The only team to win and lose Superbowls played in New Orleans: Patriots
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    What was the last Superbowl winning team to miss the playoffs: Giants

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    Name the only head coach to win 2 Superbowls in New Orleans: Tom Landry

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    Which franchise has lost more Superbowls than any other team, but never lost any in New Orleans: Bills

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    How many combined turnovers (4 SB victories) have the Giants committed: 1

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    Who was the longest play from schrimage in superbowl history not resulting in a TD? Kelly to Lofton

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    Which team won the Superbowl at the Superdome and Tulane Stadium: Cowboys

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    Which team won SB in New Orleans and Tulane stadium? Dallas Cowboys

    WHo is the youngest player ever to play in a Super bowl? Jamal Lewis

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    Youngest player ever to appear in Superbowl: Jamal Lewis

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    Im not gonna get myself all worked up, you have no idea is its going to come down to that....

    Not Adam Vinitieri

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    Name the first team to lose 2 Superbowls in a domed stadium

    Hey fan, keep going appreciate the help

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    4 future HOFers all appeared in Superbowl wearing #88.

    Michael Irving
    Lynn Swann
    John Mackey

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    Last player to play college ball at UMass and scoree a Superbowl TD? Victor Cruz

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    Who is the only Dallas Cowboy player to score the first TD in 2 different games? Jay Novechek

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    - What was the score of Superbowl 46 ? 21-17

    - Superbowl 46: The longest play from scrimmage; describe it: No answer.

    - Who is the oldest Superbowl winning head coach: Coughlin

    - Which 2 head coaches who won Superbowl's held in New Orleans, also were coaches of the Saints: Hank Stram and Mike Ditka

    - What was the halftime score of Superbowl 46: 10-9

    - Who scored the final touchdown of Superbowl 44: Tracy Porter

    - There are 5 players who have won multiple Superbowl MVPs, give me 3: Joe Montana, Eli Manning, Tom Brady

    - Which SB was the last one in which both head coaches had previously won a Superbowl: Last year.

    - The oldest coach (in age) to win a Superbowl: Tom Coughlan

    - Who was the referee for Superbowl 46: John Parry

    - 4 future HOFers all appeared in Superbowl wearing #88.

    Michael Irving
    Lynn Swann
    John Mackey
    Alan Page

    - Audio: everybodys on the same page, everybodys havin fun, everybodys enjoying themselves out there... not LT, not Justin Tuck, not Otis Anderson.

    - Last player who played college football at Marshall, to score a Superbowl TD: No answer

    - Site of Superbowl 48: MetLife Stadium

    - 2 QBs completed 30+ passes in a SB without throwing an INT, give one of them: Brees

    - What SB winning coach hailed from Miami, OH: Weeb Eubank

    - Name the one player to score against 5 different opponents in Superbowl history: Vinatieri

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    Who are the 3 Qb's that started and lost 2 striagiht Superbowls? John Elway, Jim Kelly and Fran Tarkenton

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    What was the first superbowl in which neither starting QB became a Hall of Famer? Superbowl 15

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    Who is the hall of fame qb to start a SB wearing #12 to never win a SuperBowl? Jim Kelly

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    the onloy 2 team to win and lose consecutive super bowls? Broncos

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    AFC Championship game that ended in OT was Broncos over Browns after "The Drive"

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    3 players that won SB for 49er's and Cowboys? Dione Sanders, Ken Norton and Charles Haley

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